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Dead Air

Coming late 2024, currently being produced by Terabithia Pictures

A disgraced radio show host runs a grift broadcasting recordings of “true” supernatural events, only to attract the attention of something sinister

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isn't a Real

September, 2023

An entrepreneur pitches a chain of restaurants only to be met with an unexpected challenge.

'Sunderland isn't a Real Place' was specifically written with the intention of screening at the Sunderland Shorts Film Festival. Thanks to Terabithia Pictures, the film was produced in 2024 and screened at Sunderland Shorts that very year.

Death's Lament

November, 2021

Walking just outside of theperception of the human eye, Deathand Desire roam the streets of Earth,clashing over their universe-givenroles and the responsibilities thatcome with them.

In early September 2021 I was commisioned to write a script for director Cezary Zalesinski around the concept of the personification of Death.

After a few zoom calls to discuss and develop the concept the script was drafted and redrafted to fit the director's vision along with changing production constraints.

The film is unfortunately as of yet unreleased due to technical issue that lead to the edit becoming lost. The film is currently in reconstruction, with an optimistic mid 2024 release.


May 5, 2021

Two brothers try to bury a corpse,

only for old family fueds to resurface.

The film was written and produced as part of my second year of studies at Northumbria University, where I also worked as producer and editor on the film.

Unfortunately due to complications brought about with filming between lockdowns at the time, segments of the script were never put to film.

You can see the final film on the video edits page.

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