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I am Sean Grinham

“To be a good writer, you need to edit.
To be a good editor, you need to write.”

Born in 1998, the north east of England, I grew up in a remote village off of Alnwick.


As a teenager I began experimenting with sound design and stop motion, before going to Gateshead college to start making short films. This passion for the art continued into university and beyond, with my primary focus on editing and screenwriting.

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I specialise in using DaVinci Resolve, Avid, and Premier Pro.

I am currently working as a video editor and writing scripts on the side.


“Always open to feedback on the things they make to help them improve it. Open minded and creative, Sean is a great ally in the creative field.”

Cezary Zalesinksi, director of Death’s Lament.


"Sean is an excellent editor, attending to notes exactly as specified while implementing multiple strong suggestions of their own. The short they edited was transformed from the base footage into a perfect encapsulation of what I wanted the atmosphere to be, and while rushes to final cut isn't atypical for an editor to work on, this was a short that I admittedly didn't fully know if the final version would reflect the original intentions, yet Sean aided in pulling that off greatly. The process was easy, and collaborative, and I'd definitely work with Sean again."

Gabriel Brown, director of First Time.

“As a screenwriter, Sean has never ceased to amaze me with how they portray the dialogue of characters. Their vision of how they want characters to act when filmed are very clear and never complained about. I have worked with Sean in and outside of university in which I hope to work with them a lot more after graduation as they have a gift of writing pieces that should and will be credited for, I guarantee it.”
“As an editor to editor, working with Sean in the past has been such an experience as we both share similar interests when it comes to ideas for how to edit films better. In college, I watched their style of editing as I envied their vision on certain skills and outcomes theyhad that I wish I knew before. Whether they go down the editing route or screenwriting, I hope they get credited a lot for their amazing work and hope to work with them in the future with more projects!

Daniel Laybourn, editor of Death’s Lament.

“Sean is a great person to work with, they always stay open to other peoples ideas which makes them a good team player. Other than that, they’re well-organised, makes their research when needed and always comes prepared to every project their taking.”

Rugile Petrauskaite, cinematographer of The Scholar of Monstrum, and North East Against Racism Documentary.

"I had a pleasure working with Sean on several projects throughout our three year Film and TV Production course at Northumbria University. I have always had a great experience working with them as they are very organised, creative, and passionate about everything they do. Sean's editing  skills are extraordinary, as they never stop learning new things, same goes for an amazing creativity in their screenwriting. I was very lucky to find Sean on the first ever project I have made at university and continue on to make our dissertation film together. I am looking forward to working with them on many more projects!"

Ola Mahmud, cinematographer for Death’s Lament and North East Against Racism Documentary.

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